Saturday, October 25, 2008

December Art Show

My next art show is Friday, December 5th at Cafe Beracah on N. 9th St in Lebanon. This show will feature some new, small works of mine along with those of other artists.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Stories

I've added a few more titles to my list of stories. Some of the new stories are a bit darker than my usual work.

The Untold Story of Hell series- Katya has used sex to manipulate men and their wallets. When she ends up in hell, the tables are turned.

The Contessa- A lonely contessa seeks pleasure in the arms of the stable boy. This action does not turn out well for either of them.

I've received numerous story ideas from readers. As in the past, I try to write stories for my readers when I have the time. Keep the ideas coming, but please be patient. Several people have asked for 2nd chapters to some of my stories from last year. I may indulge a few of those requests, but most of the single chapter stories were meant to be complete stories. Instead of adding a chapter to an already complete story, I'd rather write the idea for a 2nd chapter as a new story with similar, but new characters.