Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I Am Not Fiction, But My Stories Are.

It never fails. After a new story posts, I receive numerous emails from readers who mistake my fiction for a true story. I have learned to take it as a compliment. If I write well enough that readers think it's real, then I am doing my job as a writer.

I have to laugh at the illusion that my stories are true. What would I be if they were true? I'd be a gay male/ lesbian/ straight and bisexual female who is an artist, nurse, car salesman, slave, and secretary who works third shift and day shift. I'd have a foot fetish or not and in a serious relationship or not. And, those are only a fraction of the characters.

So, when enjoying my stories, just remember that they are fiction. Some were completely my own creation. Some were written by request from readers.

Sometimes, I get comments or email from people who are confused about why I write for so many different categories. That's easy to explain. The website that posts my stories hosts a Survivor contest every year. The goal of the Survivor contest is to write as many stories as you can in as many different categories as you can. Therefore, I try my hand at as many different categories as I can.

Saturday, August 02, 2008


Yesterday, I started a 30 in 30 challenge in a poetry forum. Yes, a challenge to write 30 poems in 30 days! I kicked off the challenge with this as my first day's poem:


Reflection stuck
replaying early wrongs-
mistakes of innocence,
dusty images of humanity.
Polish clears the image
until streaks remind me
of imperfections.
Darkness assigned
to beige experience-
a sense of “less than”

A new poem of mine posted on Literotica:
Summons to Growth

It's a terzanalle.. which varies from my favorite form, the villanelle. If you read this poem and one of my villanelles, such as "A Dream from Grandpa," you'll see the difference in the rhyme and repetition.